VIEXPAND AI is an AI-powered smart video supervision solution for the factory floor. It provides 24/7 smart eyes to complement and expand human monitoring and supervision in industrial environments.

It is capable of optimised video coding/detection,  flexible to any environment and adaptable to any factory. Its setup is non-invasive and does not interrupt your production.

We have prepared VIEXPAND AI for the factory floor, ruggedised and with low SWaP1.

1Size, Weight and Power

As a video Edge-AI device, it provides in loco real-time alarms to the operator, as well as and full and effective remote real-time video for actionable data.

It works with your pre-installed cameras, simultaneously with multiple cameras, multiple factory sites, and even multiple factories. It is ready for video viewing on any multiple simultaneous displays, in the factory or remotely.

What do we provide?

Problems happen in production lines, everyday. Breakdowns and failures cost millions to industry . Human behaviour is prone to errors, naturally. Most industries have 5D2 environments, and 5D workforce is hard to find and expensive. Enlarging 5D workforce is not the way to solve these problems.

2Dull, Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult and Dear

We provide VIEXPAND AI to help you reduce production downtimes and reduce accidents.

We are helping you to make use of your workforce and improve their industrial 5D work conditions. You will be reducing your raw materials and energy waste, too.

For example, in the container glass industry, we want to help increase production efficiency , avoiding bottle jamming in the ISMs3, generating real-time, split-second alarms, before jam happen.

We also aim to help resolve the complex intra-logistics nightmare that several factories experience. The complex problem of tracking your products,  machines, pallets and forklifts - with no accidents - can be strongly complemented with VIEXPAND AI.

3Individual Section Machines