May 28, 2020

Radiating cables with REVOsdr i4.0 WP

Radiating Cables for
large-scale wireless deployment in the smart factory v.1


Our REVOsdr data-link boasts reliability, security, scalability and flexibility in its use. This results in enormous freedom in its adaptation and application to different markets and industries, as a base technology. TWEVO has recently been dedicating part of its effort in evolving from the REVOsdr base towards the Industry 4.0 market. Due to its fast, almost latency-free operation, the application of REVOsdr to the Industry 4.0 context has met particular interest from the largest TWEVO’s clients. Namely, in providing an ultrareliable wireless link for hundreds of devices, with deterministic delay, requiring latency-free wireless control of production lines (in filling and packaging machines, for instance). The application of known radio engineering and radio planning practices has been necessary, to extend the application of REVOsdr to these markets, with specific technical Radio Frequency (RF) adaptations. For i4.0, the substitution of antennas for Radiating Cables (RCs) is a solution that, technical- and market-wise, will help boost the reliable use of radio in the factory floor. This is where REVOsdr i4.0 comes into view, having a role in this evolution.

Product Knowledge White Paper, 2020
This is a “Oak Dot White Paper”, about our detailed technical view on the industry, with the purpose of informing manufacturers and factory integrators.

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