Want to get to know us better?

Please check out our videos below, where we introduce ourselves, some of our products and visions.

REVOsdr Bridge general presentation

A presentation on REVOsdr Bridge, specifically directed for drones (3':00''):

- Downloadable medium quality video, here.
- Link to high quality video @ vimeo, here.

Interference/jammer rejection

The spectrum of our wanted signal adaptively moves away from a jammer, in the Wi-Fi 2.4GHz band (47''):

- Our signal spectrum appears from the start, in its place. Several unknown Wi-Fi signals appear randomly, until, at 13'', a severe jammer gets too close, making our signal move to another lower frequency (adaptively and automatically).

- Downloadable medium quality video, here.

REVOsdr Bridge keeping video service with interference

A video of a demo, where our REVOsdr Bridge is used for video transmission/reception, while several jamming signals make the system adapt to maintain video quality (coming soon, -':--'').

- Downloadable medium quality video, here (coming soon).

REVOagrinet announcement

A short, relaxed presentation video on REVOagrinet and our team, specifically directed for farm robotics (1':00'').

- Downloadable medium quality video, here.