REVOsdr is sold as Firmware Licensing, as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) PCB, or as ready-to-use standalone Encapsulated Equipment. It supports communications under high mobility, subject to low delay/latency and high-bandwidth requirements.

It is particularly suitable for applications that require real-time data acquisition/transmission. REVOsdr is ready for integration and operation across multiple frequency bands in a single radio, i.e., with wider and flexible spectrum management.

REVOsdr is a multicarrier (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, OFDM) software-defined radio (SDR).

It enables fast and reliable point-to-point (PTP) data link communication over long distances, or over harsh high-interference scenarios. REVOsdr does not need to rely on deployed infrastructure as in cellular communications, it does not have the latency, coverage and interference limitations of Wi-Fi implementations.

Most importantly - REVOsdr provides an exceptionally reliable, safe and secure link, for particular demanding applications, e.g. in Industry 4.0 or professional drones.

What does it provide?

These are synchronous bidirectional PTP, Plug & Play devices that receive and transmit information between, for example, a drone and its control station/remote control. They are easily programmable and highly adaptable to any working system.

REVOsdr is fundamentally configured to support:

  • high throughput, up to 100 MHz bandwidth
  • radio frequency according to application
  • low latency, below 1 ms
  • adaptable range, according to regulations
  • spectrum agility
  • high mobility.
REVOsdr SME Instrument Ph 1 Project | Publishable Summary Extract (link for the complete summary here):
The main result of the work under SME Instrument Phase 1 is the confirmation of the business idea, certainly updated, grown and matured in the course of the project. The direct contact with prospective clients/early adopters, understanding and sensing their technical and commercial challenges, provided
a valuable insight on our client’s needs. This knowledge enable us to translate their needs into technical requirements that steered the evolution of our product. The significant effort put in the survey of EU and US radio regulations had a two-fold impact. First, it resulted in a set of technical requirements, taken into consideration in the evolution of the product. Second, it help build confidence in global corporations to move forward with our relationship.
Additional survey, and the feedback of our customers, on our competitors, enable us to improve our product's differentiation and refine its value proposition.
The direct contact with the customers in multiple occasions, and the dissemination of our achievements in the social media, boosted the visibility of our company, generating new leads.

The REVOsdr project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 791985.

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