What is REVOsdr i4.0?

REVOsdr i4.0 is a wireless bridge to provide reliable and robust radio interfacing in industrial machines.

It is ready for the installation and integration in working systems, to wirelessly connect programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and actuators or sensors. It is particularly directed to Industry 4.0 (i4.0) applications.

REVOsdr i4.0 enables fast and reliable point-to-multipoint (P2TM) communication throughout the machines in the industrial plant.

It is adaptable to any deployed infrastructure, with close-to-zero latency, interference robustness and flexibility.

What does it provide?

REVOsdr i4.0 is based on our REVOsdr product. It is particularly designed for the transmission of control and data signals between a PLC and several actuators, within a single-machine context. It is prepared for the deployment in a multi-machine scenario.

It provides the necessary speed, reliability, safety, security and flexibility required for the evolution towards i4.0.

An RF Concentrator and one or several RF End-Points are installed or integrated in a working machine.

These are plug & play and have standard CIP EtherNet/IP RJ45 PLC and M8 Female (3-pin) interfaces, on each side.

It operates in dual-band mode, achieving average delays of only a few milliseconds.

Commercial & technical support on the REVOsdr i4.0

  • REVOsdr i4.0 is currently being distributed in low numbers,
         in its custom- and development-oriented version (the REVOsdr i4.0 DevKit)
  • we are delivering the DevKit in a weatherproof, polypropylene 18" hard
    (usual size for 1 RF Concentrator and 10 RF End-points)
  • we are favouring priviledged key manufacturing, production and
    industry players, to build strong B2B bonds
  • we are ready to adapt the DevKit to such businesses cases
Please contact us to initiate any commercial and technical support. After identification and approval, we will provide your login and password data to access through our Account page. We will then get back to you soon.

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