What is REVOmed?

REVOmed is a new mobile data link technology for dedicated medical video applications.

It wirelessly connects an HD camera to the medical image processing unit. It is particularly suitable for applications that require indoor real-time visualisation.

REVOmed enables fast and reliable point-to-point (PTP) data link communication throughout the operating theatre. It does not rely on any deployed infrastructure and does not have the latency, coverage and interference limitations of Wi-Fi implementations.

REVOmed provides an exceptional fast, reliable, safe and secure link, for the particular demanding medical applications.

What does it provide?

REVOmed is based on our REVOsdr, building on its highly reliable, robust, flexible and configurable operation. It is specially designed for HD, FHD and UHD video transmission and reception, in particularly demanding and regulatory-tight applications, such as medical applications.

It boasts smart wireless multi-band selection, and robustness to interference, achieving more than 100Mbps, with minimum display delay.
It is plug & play and has a standard digital camera interface (HDMI/USB3.0).