REVOsdr Bridge Module Development | China

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REVOsdr Bridge module, for ITU Region 3 (part of Asia and Oceania).

Options are available for all world locations (ITU Regions 1, 2 or 3)*, as well as for specific technical add-ons.

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    The REVOsdr Bridge is TWEVO’s flagship product, currently at the demonstration stage.

    The use of REVOsdr Bridge for ITU Regions 1 to 3* obliges us to follow strict radio regulations, even at the current developmental/demonstration stage.

    REVOsdr Bridge is currently completing the certification process for meeting all radio regulations.

    * ITU Region 1: Europe, Africa, Middle East and part of Asia; Region 2: North and South Americas; Region 3: part of Asia and Oceania.

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    3 (part of Asia and Oceania)

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