‘D’ for VIEXPAND’s final demonstration

Last Monday 26th/June was an important day for us – ‘D Day’!
‘D’ for VIEXPAND’s final demonstration (to the Consortium members and Vidrala S.A. partner). This included a large team of Vidrala Gallo’s factory staff.

Thank you to all present!

VIEXPAND Project joins TWEVO Technologies, Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT, Leiria Pole) as the two Project Co-Promotors. It includes Vidrala S.A. as the project Partner.

VIEXPAND Project (Video for Expanded Vision in Remote Operations) has been co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (PI no. 46986, Central Portugal, Co-Promotion, Centro2020/P2020, 2021-2023).

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The VIEXPAND project is funded under Research and Technological Development Incentive Scheme – CO-PROMOTION | Centro2020 | P2020 | European Regional Development Funds.