REVOsdr i4.0 Unleashing Smart Manufacturing Potential

Industrial Wireless Solutions

to Improve Your Uptime

Lower the downtime of your production line or vehicles during any factory floor reconfiguration

to Customize Your Production

Free your machines or vehicles of the limitative unnecessary wire burden, adapted to your needs

to Reduce Your TTM

Help you adapt, change or evolve, to reach your most important market and business goals

to Make your Manufacturing Agile

Market customisation is among the most important technological trends and you don’t want to be left behind

What we do

TWEVO Reliable Industrial Wireless protocol

We are a start-up with a strong R&D background, aiming to be the reference global provider of Industry 4.0 wireless solutions. We offer the first high-speed, cable-grade reliable wireless protocol for Industry 4.0 - TWEVO Reliable Industrial Wireless (TRIW) protocol. Future-proof, ready to transfer more data, with added data distribution flexibility, and more connected devices than existing low-speed wireless protocols, TWEVO’s TRIW brings Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) worlds together, right from Industry 4.0 foundations – the production line. Ultimately, we help our clients automate their processes and maximize efficiency, without cables, fulfilling the stringent industrial automation technical demands.

  • Software-defined radio (SDR)

    We work with the powerful SDR paradigm to build flexible, scalable, and portable wireless communication systems

  • State-of-the-art signal processing

    Our technology provides determinism and synchronicity in the wireless communication between machines or vehicles

  • Same Hardware, Differenciated Products and Services

    We deal with installations of a varied number of simultaneous devices, for real-time or non real-time communications, several possible industrial interfaces


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